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Basic Introduction of Hubei

Hubei, a province of thousand lakes, has an annual average temperature of 127-17.9C and an annual rainfall of 800-1600 mm and 136 kinds of minerals discovered, of which the reserves of phosphate, plaster stone, rock salt, etc. rank among the tops in China China's third power in terms of scientific and educational capabilities and resources, with 129 universities and colleges and a student population of 1.5 million approximately, 2300 scientific institutes with 80 academicians. It is also endowed with low-cost yet high-quality labor force. It ranks the 8th and the 1st in Comprehensive Technologica Innovation Index in the whole nation and central China The production factors such as water, electricity, gas and land are abundant in supplies and low in cost Hubei has well-developed modern service industry. Its total tourism
revenue is RMB 692.738 billion. The number of foreign financial

institutions and listed companies in Hubei ranks the first in middle China And/the export of cultural products in Hubei ranks top in the country Hubei boasts the world-renowned Shen Nong culture of Yan Emperor,the history and culture of the State of Chu in the Zhou Dynasty, Three kingdom culture in the Qin and Han Dynasties and the ancient culture of the Ba minority.

A Fulcrum of china's Market

Hubei is located in the middle of China. If you draw a 1200km-radius economic circle with wuhan as the center, you canaccess to 24 provinces and about 70% cities in China via CHR(China High-speed Railway) within 4 hours, which togetheraccounts for 84%o of China's GDP and 83% of the nation'spopulation.

Hubei’s advantages in industry:

1.China's 8th economy and one of the nation’s fastest-growing provinces.

2.One of China's three largest iron and steel bases; China's second largest auto-production base; China's optoelectronic IT industrial base; China's shipping industry base: the biggest interfacing center of optical fiber telecommunications in central China. Possesses the largest hydroelectric project -Three Gorges Dam.

3.One of the bases in China for high and new technologies such as new material, bio-technology and new medicine, aerostatics, laser, digital control technology and computer software development.

4.Home to national industry bases for memory production, commercia space industry and new energy vehicles.

5.Have 19 national development zones, 82 provincial economic development zones and 10404 high and new technology enterprises.

6.One of China's leading producers of food grains, cotton and cooking oil, and China's largest base for production of fresh water aquatic


7.The largest goods circulation and distribution center in inland China.

8.Wuhan is one of China's leading cities of service outsourcing

9.National strategic fulcrum for promotion of the rise of China's central economies. The urban agglomeration in the middle reach of the Yangtze River led by Wuhan is expected to become the fourth growth pole in China.



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